My brother is a dentist so I have high standards. Dr. Webb is knowledgeable, compassionate and competent. His office staff is warm and professional. They schedule patients quickly, can fit in emergencies, do diligent follow up care. There's a good reminder system in place. My minor daughter has had routine care as well as oral surgery (four wisdom tooth extractions in one go). Dr. Webb's technique is deft and pain-free. Outstanding dentist. Highly recommend this office.

Lee K.

This was my very first visit to this dental office. The place looks clean and inviting. The front staff was quick and friendly in getting me processed. I hadn't seen a dentist in about 10 years so I was quite apprehensive as to how this was going to go since my last dental experience was very painful. After my x-rays, Stephanie brought them up on the screen to show me the plaque that had calcified and just really how much work was going to be needed to be done to get them clean. I expected the absolute worse, lots of pain and tears and not being able to get them thoroughly cleaned. The procedure got started which was a full mouth debridement with this neat little water pressure cleaning tool they use. She was able to clean all of my teeth with only a few sensitive spots but no tears and minimal discomfort. I was extremely impressed. She took some before and after pictures of my plaque build up and then the after and I was blown away!! I've never been able to feel every one of my teeth when I run my tongue across them. I can't stop doing it!! She had to spend considerable amount of time cleaning my teeth but was so patient and checked on me and it was a great experience. Stephanie is an AMAZING hygienist and was absolutely professional, gently and kind. I can't say enough positive things about her and my experience with this office. From beginning to end, it was fantastic!!

Angela B.

Absolutely, the best dentist that has worked on my teeth. Such a perfectionist, he does everything the right way. He will not be appealing to all but personality is never a reason for my choice in a medical professional.

Sandra B

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